rust be gone part 3

earlier this year I took a leap of faith and did something scary. I went to an Adventure Race Training Camp & did an adventure race. It was a leap because part of AR is mountain biking,  which really scared me.

Thus began the training. I faced  ( and continue to face) my biggest fears around mountain biking, falling down and getting up. roots- rocks- (reggae) downhills- gravel -sand -single tracks- turns-

Fast forward from March- I have now become completely obsessed about mountain biking- roots-rocks-downhills-gravel-sand-single track-speed. Taking out demo bikes weekly to get in long rides;  (thank you Santa Cruz Bikes!) while I save up for my bike.

I  find myself laughing at myself as  I love it so much and I was so afraid.  I want to ride all the time. I am discovering so much nature! I have started teaching yoga & core at mountain bike events. Mountain biking has really made its way into my life.  I had no idea when I said yes to the camp, that a entire new aspect would open up like this. I am learning a lot, every time  I feel so stoked to have all else fade away, dropping in completely to the moment.      meditation in motion.

lungs limbs heart brain Gratitude!

Face your fears. what is on the other side can shift your life.  walk right into the place of oh shit~! no way! and  say hell yes!

heading to teach yoga/stretching/core at Mendocino Mt. Bike Madness – come join in!

on the road following the path of yes!

20140406072400Summer /Fall  Travel Teaching Dates

AYFit Training Camp- Sydney,  Austalia June 6-9th

Mountain Bike Oregon- July 18-20th

NW Summer Camp Out Oregon   July 24-27th

Wanderlust Whistler, BC  with Deven Sisler   July 31st-August 4th

Mountain Bike Oregon- August 15-17th

Divine Play AcroYoga Festival Daylong  Friday, October 10th with Katie and Yuki

AYFit Oregon October 15-17th

Breitenbush Hotsprings Retreat October


all  girl trio stoked for the finish

Suffer Well- post adventure race camp

April 25th-27th- Team YogaSlackers Adventure Race Training Camp &  Smith Rock Spring Sting !   The team of Chelsey, Jason and Daniel  were amazing at being professional  & fun, while working with us all at the appropriate skill levels &  finding our edges to nudge at. More than generous with all their personal skills/knowledge, years of learning, generous in sharing stories and lending out loads of amazing gear!   Interval/base line training, basic-to not so-basic mountain bike skills, nutrition, navigation,  pack rafts/ water, team dynamics and roles, gear, bike maintenance,  we covered a lot  of things in the two days pre-race.

Things that stand out as bonus awesome:  mountain biking at night!  all girl team, paddling  the river like I was surfing with Amy & Mallory, falling down and getting up aka: learning mountain biking

if I can get myself lost, I better get myself found. Maps, compass and observation of where you actually are and where you are going…… the less stuff you carry the better, decide if you are riding clip-less or flat pedals in advance,  after the race, eat 3 dinners in one night and wake up  in the morning, at 5:45am ready for breakfast #1 ….

wow- can I say it was fun! if you think that walking across a river with a mountain bike before attempting to ride uphill, or pack-rafting in water that was a little to cold for some, while looking for check points marked with orange tape is fun, than hell yes, it was  awesome fun.

movement meditation- focus on the task at hand- keep moving with your team

repeat?  another one of these AR things?  I am thinking to do another one of these 8 hour adventure races, closer to home, 7 weeks from now, (June 21st)  really feel the inspired commitment and desire to  continue to suffer well, & move a little faster!    I have until May 31st to sign up and will just continue training in case I decide yes ( gots a few details to work out, like  getting my own mountain bike…. )   &  will be a different team…. sounds like the start of an adventure.

gratitude is where its at!

Thank you to Bend Racing, JandC Training, Team YogaSlackers, Chelsey, Jason, Daniel,  Deven, Barley Corn Cooks,   TEAM BABS!!  Betty & Blaze, AR Camp awesome folks, Smith Rock State Park, Ellsworth Bikes, Toesox,  Prana, Fleet Feet and all the amazing support of the Smith Rock Spring Sting.

check out  and get moving

photos:    (thank you for the amazing photos!  )




and I continue to train- (rust be gone part 2)

Next week I will be driving to Bend, Oregon for a new adventure as the Team Yogaslackers Spring Training Camp and Adventure Race  is starting to feel like it is soon.  (April 25-27th)

I would tell you more but really all I know about it is that I have been running and biking and running and biking ……….. &  it is in Smith Rock,  there is some water involved,  and  I  still have not found my compass.

I am really enjoying the challenge thus far of keeping up on the “daily” and  the extra running!!   ( and even more so while co-teaching an AcroYogis Anonymous Retreat)  and the rust removal system is starting to work.  I feel a little less challenged in my running and am more & more curious about this weekend of camp I am going to.

alarm of nature sounds wakes me to get up and run- The early morning air, the solo time to connect with me, the forest, the earth under my feet all before breakfast and  full days of training/ playing with amazing acroyogis!   trail time was a secret blessing this past weekend – got me out in the old-growth of Breitenbush, running to run, listening to my breath and the sound of an owl.

and now to do a little more planking…


rust be gone!

after a winter of wrist healing and not a lot of push-ups or  AcroYoga,  or climbing or…. I thought to attend the Chicago Solar Immersion, to get the “rust” of my  practice, physically. and while I was there,  I witnessed this thing called: “the daily”.      (1 mile run, 1 min plank, 20 push-ups, 20 v-ups/crunches, 1 min wall sit, 5 sun salutations. ZERO excuses. every damn day)

Right at the  same time, I was curiously considering and than committing to the Adventure Race spring training camp and Smith Rock Spring Fling, April 25-27,  with Team Yogaslackers.  And over a beer in Chicago, I said yes. And this is funny!
#1 did I mention I did not run or own a mountain bike….. a small detail to be sorted out prior to this event. Start running! that is very clearly what the first piece needs to be.      ( plus one mile was in the daily)

#2 Borrow a mountain bike,( once again, my amazing yoga wife!)  start biking.

#3 discover new muscles.  and continue to run—-

24ish?  days later run 3 miles without anything chasing me!!      follow it up with 6 miles of mountain biking.    Continue the Daily, daily.  run 3 miles again. keep running, biking, plotting, planning and  discovering new muscles towards AR Spring Suffer-fest and training camp.

The rust removal system is working.




patience compassion gratitude


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