I think the theme was kindness

I love to travel.  That I already knew.

I got organized, somewhat spontaneously, to finally attend & teach at   the Dutch Acrobatic Festival.  This was the 30th year. Aside from what  I learned about Festival Organizing,  I  learned and experienced many things. I plan to return in 2017.

  1. welcoming nature:  I found this festival to have a very welcoming feeling from everyone involved. The fun nature  of the participants and love of all things acrobatics was celebrated throughout the event. I think the theme, spoken in action & not stated, this year must have been Kindness
  2. Meals:  living in an acrobatic community,  where you share 3 meals a day together,  creates  a strong connection to the event.   if we were passing tea to someone or passing the flyer, it was  all in collaboration spurred by sharing food time. Nourishing  on many levels.
  3. EVERYONE is invited to participate. And encouraged. see #1
  4. The idea of what level acrobat you were was not part of the agenda.  Not level 1-5  or begin-advanced, ect. It was a very specific skill set for each offering, and you decide you can do those specific skills with multiple partners, and no spotters safely, you could attend that class. The pre-rx were  ran at the start of the class and if you over-estimated your skill, you were asked to leave.
  5.  pick what truly serves your practice. see #4
  6. Rain- when it rains or you plan to travel / camp in Holland, bring a rainfly. Or purchase two oversize rain ponchos for 3 Euros each, think it is a smoking deal, and hope the hair clips keep it attached to the tent  while the wind blows and the rain falls.
  7. Sleeping bags were invented for a reason. So were sleep pads. Bring both. See #6
  8.  good character building and Adventure Race training See # 6 & 7
  9. Post Dutch Acro, I recommend a trip to Amsterdam,  take a couples hours of walking time, Follow it up with at least a 5 hour bike ride, wonder why you did not ride for 8 hours, have beer at  pub, snack, indulge, and ride some more. Sleep in an epic bed with a pillow top mattress.
  10. I was too busy enjoying and being in the experience, I took no photos, except at the end, of the completely soaking tent.      I leave you with a photo of  Jamaica.                                                            IMG_0452

Trust the Hearts Eye 

There are times when you have an idea and vision so clear.  This photo was one of those images I saw in my hearts eye, I asked and with a talented photo visionary it appeared. Deep bow of gratitude

When I discovered AcroYoga in 2007, I never knew where that new idea vision would take me. I distinctly remembering that the trajectory  of my life had taken a shift.  I knew I wanted to share this art of connection, and with AY I felt like yoga and modern/ contact improvisation had gotten together and birthed AcroYoga.

I watched an AcroYoga demo. I asked to try it. Immediately I was hooked. And continually, more so as the community grows. Traveling to plant and nature the gardens of AcroYoga globally.

Skip to now.

Trusting the  hearts eye  

acro mini vanlife

I had thought  in June when  the acro vanlife started it would last about 5 months. Today begins month #10  with no foreseeable end in site.

I love life outside. Everywhere I go, I am home. I am incredibly grateful for the support of my family! and my friends.

Some people ask, “where will you sleep today?”   I answer, in my van, in my own bed that is epic comfy,  and most likely not, down by the river,  as I tend to sleep by the ocean or in the mountains.

I enjoying sharing the practice of AcroYoga and core work in a new community, regularly.  The freedom to create anew, each day as the habits are not as they once were.

Yes, I still make coffee in my french press, move my body daily and eat healthy foods…. I rarely  know where my office  for my admin work will be, and I strive to not be inside on a computer.

live your life by your own design and delight in the adventure – it has been a great life choice for me

Movement Mission

I have been enjoying my 3x a week Core Conditioning Classes at Pacific Edge even more than usual!  I really love sharing movement from the center,  inviting students to create action from  the center, core of themselves,  be it a plank, a squat or a towel sider!

After 8+ years of teaching Core Classes 3x a week, I have really had to continually research and evolve my  understanding of what this meant: Core  and how best to be educational, motivating and engaging in inviting others  to dig deep and do sometimes  not fun exercises.   Let’s be honest,  the # of folks who truly enjoy core work are not a lot…

I do know that we move in multiple directions and that is what happens in Element Core Classes.  Stand, sit, on belly, back, side, twist, bend, extend… move it!

How can we move it,  and really deeper & connect to  our stability and strength of our structure? And Have it be FUN?!    This is what I have figured out after all this time exploring.

Come to class and see what happens.

Take a look on over at the The Core Shift  facebook group, let me know what exercises you might want to see…  don’t worry – blanket plankets and towel slides are coming – this is just the start of what I am going to share.  Videos of 20 min. Element Core  with multiple exercises, to give you variety and  get you moving from your action center!

IMG_20130429_110221_418-1 (2)

it is about the push-up

seriously, when I think about the one thing I do most often, it would be a push-up, mixed with some down dog actions, sort of like a sun salutation.  and a push-up in another sense as well.

I found that if I need to blow of some steam I get on the floor and do some push-ups.  Wide arms,  narrow arms, fast action, super slow,  as many as possible or just 3.  Sometimes I hang out in down dog, and bend/straighten my arms here.

the past few weeks found me deep in with  5th annual Divine Play AcroYoga Festival at the Oregon Convention Center. I was the managing director , also taught a full Friday Intensive and a few classes over the weekend. I was  a little bit busy. I was managing/ juggling the divine puzzle details & making decisions quite frequently.

and in the mornings I did push-ups. And the better push-ups were down at night.  A few nights I did some  serious wiggle action with down dogs and push-ups combined.

turns out the sitting still sometime works. But movement works for me to get the flow, fluid. I do strange detail work, and movement reminds me why.

sharing movement/push-ups with people at Divine Play was amazing. And exciting to see  the growth & various developments of  acroyoga. Co-sharing  AcroYoga, AcroYoga Mtl,  AcroSage, AcroRevolution,  Acro Asanas, AcroYogis Annonymous,  YogaSlackers,  Rose City Acro Ninjas and YOU!!    plus  many more lineages /styles/flavors.

all of us doing push-ups. full bodied lifting up of  each other and ideas, moving the practice of sharing movement onward and upward.  Thank you!!



AcroYoga and Africa Yoga Project

Work honestly, meditate every day, meet people without fear, and play.” Baba Hari Dass

Africa Yoga Project invites you to join February 2015 on a 10 day journey to experience fully being in community with others in Kenya! This adventure opens the door of empowerment through community action via AcroYoga. You will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with new and veteran Africa Yoga Project teachers to rejuvenate and bring shine to the community outreach classes with the gift of touch and accessible AcroYoga flights. AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. You will work in small groups of base, flyer, spotter to develop roots and establish foundations. You will learn and share these skills in the AYP community. You will develop skills of sensitivity and strength. We will share ways to feel healthy and bright in our bodies. We will celebrate the action it takes to create the world in which we choose to live. A world where we empower one another by being of service, by sharing our passions and holding the space for greatness.

Come with us February 2015 Roots to Rise with AcroYoga and give yourself the gift of adventure!

follow the link to sign up!


rust be gone part 3

earlier this year I took a leap of faith and did something scary. I went to an Adventure Race Training Camp & did an adventure race. It was a leap because part of AR is mountain biking,  which really scared me.

Thus began the training. I faced  ( and continue to face) my biggest fears around mountain biking, falling down and getting up. roots- rocks- (reggae) downhills- gravel -sand -single tracks- turns-

Fast forward from March- I have now become completely obsessed about mountain biking- roots-rocks-downhills-gravel-sand-single track-speed. Taking out demo bikes weekly to get in long rides;  (thank you Santa Cruz Bikes!) while I save up for my bike.

I  find myself laughing at myself as  I love it so much and I was so afraid.  I want to ride all the time. I am discovering so much nature! I have started teaching yoga & core at mountain bike events. Mountain biking has really made its way into my life.  I had no idea when I said yes to the camp, that a entire new aspect would open up like this. I am learning a lot, every time  I feel so stoked to have all else fade away, dropping in completely to the moment.      meditation in motion.

lungs limbs heart brain Gratitude!

Face your fears. what is on the other side can shift your life.  walk right into the place of oh shit~! no way! and  say hell yes!

heading to teach yoga/stretching/core at Mendocino Mt. Bike Madness – come join in!

patience compassion gratitude